How We Work

Idea Realisation



Some clients come with an idea, often little understanding of the ‘technical’ or where to start.

Others need a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Some are suffering with Corporate Paralysis.

Helping you ‘Bootstrap’ your idea or ‘Kickstart’ your innovation

We will make it easy for you and your team. We will provide guidance in simple plain english, we cover roles typical provided by a CTO, Solution Architect, Data-scientist, Backend/Frontend/Mobile engineers.

Once a plan is agreed between you and us, we BUILD.

We will put in place if required tooling e.g. Source Management(e.g. git), Agile tracking tools (JIRA), Support, Hosting etc

When we finish you own what we build. We provide support to hand over to your team (if you prefer we can continue to support / innovate)

If you have no team but want to build one we will help you select and recruit resources.

One size does not fit all

We listen

We recommend

Most all WE DELIVER.