We are a highly skilled team of computer and data scientists based in East London, UK. 

Based in the vibrant heart of East London, UK, we are a team of adept computer and data scientists specializing in cutting-edge ‘Greenfield’ platform development. We’ve had the privilege of transforming concepts into operational platforms for clients across diverse sectors including Government, Publishing, and Academia.

Our expertise expands across a multitude of software and technologies, curated and leveraged to meet the unique requirements of our clients’ projects. Here’s a snapshot of our technical competencies:

Software Engineering: We’re proficient in a wide range of programming languages including Golang, PHP, Python, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, and JavaScript.

Database Management: We have hands-on experience with Elasticsearch, Neo4J, MySQL and more, enabling us to handle complex data structures seamlessly.

Cloud Services: We leverage powerful AI/ML/NLP/Translate services from tech giants such as Microsoft and Google, allowing us to build smarter and more efficient solutions.

AI/NLP/ML: We stay at the forefront of AI innovation, harnessing Natural Language Processing tools such as spaCy, Flair, NLTK, and gensim. We’re also adept with AI Large Language Models like GPT-3/4 from OpenAI, BERT/SBERT, Hugging Face, fastText, starSpace, and bespoke ML classification.

Web Scraping: Our expertise extends to both bespoke and commercial integrations, enabling efficient ETL processes.

API Integrations: We are seasoned in integrating various APIs including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Webflow, ensuring your platform interfaces effectively with popular web services.

Project Management: We utilize the Atlassian Suite (including JIRA and Confluence) for smooth and effective project management.

Hosting/DevOps: From setting up and configuring AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, to managing co-location with your own servers, we’re equipped to handle all your hosting needs.

Applications: Our expertise spans the creation of mobile applications (both Android and iOS), voice assistant applications (for Alexa/Google Home), and versatile microservices.

As technology and business landscapes evolve, so does our commitment to master the latest tools and methodologies, ensuring we deliver nothing but the best for our clients. Whether you’re an established business or a budding start-up, we have the expertise to propel your vision to new heights.